Course fee – 1500 CHF

Date: June 15th and November 9th, 2018,, from 14.00h until 19.00h (Dinner included).

Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland

Faculty – Dr Philippe Germanier

Dr Germanier was the Clinical Head Assistant of the department of Prosthodontics and TMJ Dysfunction Department at the University of Zurich in Switzerland and is the founder of the Swiss Dental Center of St-François in Lausanne in Switzerland. Dr Germanier developed a new system in perio-overdentures with composite caps and has been lecturing subjects such as the use of laser in dentistry, surgery, implantology and fixed prosthetics with biologically oriented preparation technique (BOPT) and CAD/CAM impressions. Dr Germanier practices dentistry at the highest standards and uses high tech systems in his daily clinical work.

Technology at the service of biology – Can laser substitute conventional techniques?

The different types of laser offer the possibility to do several treatments in the different dental fields such as conservative dentistry, fixed prosthetics, surgery, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, implantology, pedodontics with the great advantage to provide minimal invasive treatments.

The treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis represent today a huge challenge to many clinicians and the use of lasers offer today simple, efficient and conservative solutions.

In conjunction with other conventional techniques, laser can also improve the decontamination in the root and implant areas destroying the existing microorganisms and contribute to the stimulation of the cellular biology that improve the periodontal regeneration.

It is important to get to know the most innovative therapeutic concepts that are an excellent, simple and efficient alternative in the common practice and daily use that can help to resolve numerous problems.

Subjects for the laser course

1 Principles of physics of laser and different types of laser

2 Advantages of the laser in dentistry

3 Laser Erbium-Yag (conservative treatments, fixed prosthetics, surgery and endodontics)

4 Laser CO2 (conservative treatments, fixed prosthetics, surgery, pedodontics, aesthetics and digital impressions)

5 Laser Diode (lesions endo-perio)

6 Laser in fixed prosthetics

7 Laser in bone regeneration

8 Laser in implantology

9 Laser in periodontology

10 Laser in orthodontics

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Laser course in Switzerland, Europe
Laser in Dentistry