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After the grand success of the International courses held in New Delhi, India, AFO is planning a series of course in Egypt. The astute participants from Egypt gets a specially designed course whereby they are directly given AFO Level II certification.

This course is intended for dentists who have little or no experience in orthodontics and want to learn to incorporate it into their practices or progress from removable appliances to a comprehensive, fixed technique. This is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on course which will help you to increase your practice base.

Certificates and Accreditation

1. AFO LEVEL II COURSE CERTIFICATE – Total credit points accrued in this course is 500 which is equivalent to 50 credit hours of lecture and practical instructions.

Course Duration

12 SESSIONS (Days)

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Topics covered

1. Introduction to AFO Course Philosophy

2. Growth and Development

3. Biomechanics

4. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

a. Extra oral examination / Habits

b. Intra oral examination

c. Photography in Orthodontics

d. Cephalometrics

e. Model Analysis

5. Space gaining

6. Straight Wire Appliance

7. MBT System

8. Armamentarium and Orthodontic Wires

9. Banding and Bonding

10.Anchorage Control


12.Retention and Relapse

13.Functional orthodontics

14.Realistic Treatment Philosophy

Work shops

1.Hands on training on typodont

2.Practical class on Cephalometric Tracing and Analysis

3.Practical class on Model Analysis

4. Practical class on Wire Bending

Hands-on Patients

Each candidate will pick up cases to treat with fixed techniques

Each candidate should bring his own instruments required for workshops with him.

AFO Will provide each participant with the Course Manual (Hardcover with colour photographs) and Typodont (has to be returned to AFO), MBT prescription bracket kit and molar tubes with band.

Case Review & Post-Course Mentoring No extra charges will be levied for the post-course mentoring of all new and in-progress cases for a period of 5 years. This post course mentoring is the unique highlight of the course as this will allow the participant to discuss their cases as the treatment progresses

Course Fee: 9950 L.E (paid during the course)

For more information contact: Course Coordinator

Dr.Amr Morsy
Morsy Dental Company
57 El Roda street,
Kafr el ziat City,
Phone : 00201005112532- 0020402541782

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AFO orthodontic course also available in English speaking countries like – Antigua, Barbuda,Australia,Bahamas,Barbados,Belize,Botswana,Brunei,Cameroon,Canada,Dominica,Ethiopia,Fiji,Gambia,Ghana,Grenada,Guyana,India,Ireland,Israel,Jamaica,Kenya,Kiribati,Lesotho,Liberia,Malawi,Malta,Marshall Islands,Mauritius,Micronesia,Namibia,Nauru,New Zealand,Nigeria,Pakistan,Palau,Papua New Guinea,Philippines,Rwanda,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Lucia,Saint Vincent,Grenadines,Samoa,Seychelles,Sierra Leone,Singapore,Solomon Islands,South Africa,Swaziland,Tanzania,Tonga,Trinidad and Tobago,Tuvalu,Uganda,United Kingdom,United States,Vanuatu,Zambia,Zimbabwe. Participants from non-english speaking countries must have a working knowledge of English to attend AFO orthodontic courses.